Welcome to the most finger licking, jaw dropping experience of a lifetime!

Okay, that may sound pretty ambitious. 

But we are no one if we wouldn’t try to exceed our limits in everything we do.

If we weren’t to strive for the better.

Ready to go beyond.

Far into worlds unknown.

To discover what else is out there.

Into the great depths.

And the stunning heights.

Of what we are capable of.

And honestly, neither would we be us if we wouldn’t warmly invite you to do the same.

Have you ever wondered what would be possible if you would loose the confinement of your own self-imposed limits?

If you would be ready to loose all your sense of self.

Open to move beyond the limitations of your identifications, born into this world of illusionary control.

Mind you. We are NOT saying that all this is bad.

Hell no!

You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for YOU. Walking the path of life the way you did right up until this point. 

Backed by the experiences that fed you, right into the fullest expression of the magnificent being that you are today.

Lest not forget.

This person deserves to be celebrated. Fully. In all glory.

Because without this celebration, without taking a moment to embrace ALL there is now, it would be impossible to move beyond. 

‘Cause if we did, we would only put on masks. 

And forget the steady feet.

That are rooted deeply into the ground.

That feeds us.

It is where we anchor ourselves in our full being, where we can truly stretch ourselves.

Where we can overcome the fears that may be have kept us small. 

May have locked us in. 

To the confinement of our limited being.

Longing for more.

But not entirely sure of how to get there.

And this is where we stand today.

At a crossroads.

Right in the point in time where we can say: no longer!

No longer will I give in to the petty thoughts that rule my mind.

The old stories that feed my life.

The wounds that define me.

Right into the point of all creation.

Let us invite you.

Right now.

To move BEYOND.

To open yourself up to a mind boggling and soul fueling moment. In which all the old collapses. And the NEW is born.

Let us invite you to the experience of a lifetime in which we celebrate YOU and all there is to you today. Fully.

So we can open our minds and hearts for the limitlessness that also resides deep inside you.

And is ready to be uncovered.


  • When? Friday 27 January at the Soul Food Atelier (Vijfhuizen). 9.45 - 17.00h.

  • What: Celebrate YOU - the entrepreneur session

  • Dresscode: Come as you are, in the truest most authentic expression of yourself as you feel NOW, with an open mind and heart. Expect nothing. Be ready to be amazed. As you know it will be good. And it will be perfect for you. This is a celebration above all, so we encourage attire that you feel AMAZING in, as well as is comfortable enough for you to relax in.

  • Energetic exchange: Solo tickets for €497, duo tickets for €888. Tap into your inner wisdom and bring an inspiring soul that comes to mind, someone you would love to meet, that deserves a celebration, and that is up for a magical experience and share the magic together.

Are you ready to be surprised and take yourself to the next level, without really knowing HOW?

Do you feel a big tingling in your body when reading this invitation?

A magical ‘yesssssss’ sensation?

Join us by claiming you spot NOW. Only 10 spots available.